Welcome to the Surface Analysis Laboratory

      The  Surface Analysis Facility is directed by Jack Hirsch. This facility is available for contract work  as needed by companies and other institutions.  The facility provides training and consultation for researchers  interested in surface composition and /or structure.  This battery of instrumentation allows one to  gain information about the elemental analysis and chemical composition of a  surface.  Such techniques for surface  characterization are particularly important in adhesive and lubricant  development, in printing and coatings research, the electronics industry, and  for biomedical implant technology development.

Available Equipment:

  • Physical  Electronics, Inc. USA (PHI)  Quantum 2000 Scanning ESCA  microprobe with variable spot, scanning, imaging, and sputtering capabilities
  • Rami-Hart, Inc.  NRL Contact Angle Telegoniometers, Model 100
  • JEOL Neoscope  bench top SEM
  • Gaertner LSE  Stokes Ellipsometer


Director:  Jacob Hirsch

Tel: 413-545-4622
Email: jhirsch@polysci.umass.edu
Office: B551

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